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AB Direct - Heifers

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US Trade- Steers

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Canadian Dollar


Cattle Report

Last Updated: 02/03/2021

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Feeder Report

Slaughter Report

Direct Sales

Alberta direct cattle sales Monday saw no new trade to report. This week’s showlist has been compiled with volumes smaller than the previous week. Alberta fed basis levels historically strengthen from February to March. From a price perspective, in 10 out of the past 15 years fed prices have strengthened from February to March. Over those 10 years the average month over month price increase stands at 5%. Using an historical increase of 5%, this would put fed prices on track to average in the upper 150’s for this month.

Canadian Dollar

$79.10   0.05

Steer & Heifer Trade

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Heifers --- ---

Cow & Bull Trade

D1, D2 Cows D3 Cows Bulls
80.00-92.00 65.00-80.00 80.00-121.00

National slaughter cows

Boner Cows Rail Average
Over 500 lbs. 127.76 (US$)

US Trade

In the US, there is no new trade to report. Nationally packer interest remains light with bids yet to be established. Significant trade could be delayed until the second half of this week.  Asking prices are poorly defined but are expected to start out around 116.00 on a live basis. Four state showlist volumes have been reported larger with the largest week over week increase in fed supplies noted in Nebraska and Colorado.

US Trade

Live Rail
Choice Steers --- ---
Choice Heifers --- ---

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

April June August
119.27, +0.30 117.37, -0.12 116.30, -0.17

Replacement Trade

Information provided on this report is supplied by various auction markets throughout Alberta. In reference to the following prices, producers are reminded to check with individual markets on current prices and trends. Prices quoted include top quality cattle only.

Steer Heifer
900+ 158.00-177.00 150.00-163.00
800-900 161.00-186.00 155.00-177.00
700-800 170.00-203.00 158.00-187.00
600-700 190.00-232.00 165.00-202.00
500-600 216.00-250.00 180.00-220.00
400-500 210.00-272.00 200.00-223.00
300-400 220.00-280.00 200.00-265.00
Bred Cows Bred Heifers Cow/Calf Pairs
1325-2050 (Central AB) --- ---

All information sourced from Statistics Canada, Alberta Agriculture and Canfax.