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February 14, 2023 Business Tools

New credit available for CRSB-certified producers

A new financial incentive for beef producers certified through the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) is up for grabs.

CRSB and Cargill have teamed up to provide the CRSB Certification Recognition Credit to producers who have invested in the certification program but haven’t received a financial return on qualifying cattle.

“With this funding, we want to recognize the commitment of Canadian producers in ensuring the viability of this program and making Canadian beef even more sustainable,” said Jeffrey Fitzpatrick, Cargill’s Sustainability Program Lead, in a press release.

“Only in supporting programs like the CRSB Certified Sustainable Beef Framework will we be able to more accurately create and sustain the highest standard of sustainability practices across the Canadian beef supply chain.”

Currently in its pilot phase, this credit program will provide up to $400 to CRSB-certified producers who haven’t received a return of at least $400 for qualifying cattle processed in 2022.

“Realizing this credit is a pilot, the CRSB is working with Cargill and other industry supply chain partners and stakeholders to identify long-term resolutions to ensure qualification provides financial value and enduring benefit to producer participation,” said CRSB Chair Ryan Beierbach.

This credit will be paid to all eligible producers with an active certification status at the beginning of 2023, even if their qualifying cattle were not eventually sold to Cargill. Payments will go out in March 2023, and no separate application is necessary to receive this credit.

More information on the Certification Recognition Credit is available on the Cargill website.

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Piper grew up on a purebred cow-calf operation in Southern Alberta, and she studied English at the University of Alberta and journalism at the University of King's College. She has written for industry publications for more than a decade and is currently the Digital Content Specialist for Alberta Beef Producers.

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