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April 27, 2021 Checking in with ABP

ABP’s 2020 marketing efforts in a ‘Sizzle Reel’

Every year, Alberta Beef Producers works hard to promote Alberta beef to the public. Last year was no exception.

In 2020 ABP launched a new website, and “Flavour of Alberta” brand campaign. The campaign highlighted different cuts by name, on a background that featured evocative photography to bring the taste, smell, and texture of cooking beef to our audiences.

We were excited about the launch of “Flavour of Alberta,” scheduled for the summer grilling season, but, when the pandemic hit, we knew we needed to offer something to people right away. We worked quickly with producers to develop an extension of those ads, by providing a community message, thanking workers and Albertans for their role, and support.

Watch our ‘Sizzle Reel’ for some of the highlights of our 2020 marketing efforts.

Our summer campaign then went out through television, billboards (as in the feature image), and online. Over the course of two months we secured 1.9 million TV impressions, 6.2 million billboard impressions, and 4.9 million online ad impressions resulting in 3,439 clicks to the newly launched All for the Beef website.

We also worked more with influencers, helping to share facts about Alberta beef and ranching, and offer tasty recipes. We engaged food bloggers, parents, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle influencers, and thereby expanding our messaging to include the health and community aspects.

We worked hard to shift and evolve with the changes 2020 brought us, and are working to continue to increase pride and confidence in Alberta beef, and reinforce consumers’ connection with Alberta’s ranching community.

Stay tuned to ABP Daily for more on our ongoing marketing and communications initiatives.

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Live: 135.00-138.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 225.00-228.00 (NE, IA)

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Live: 135.00-136.00 (TX,KN)
Rail: 225.00-228.00 (NE, IA)

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