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Rail: 387.00-388.50 FOB lot last week

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Live: 183.00-184.00 (TX, KN), 184.00 (NE) last week
Rail: 290.00-291.00 (IA, NE) last week

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Live: 183.00-184.00 (TX, KN) 184.00 (NE) last week
Rail: 290.00-291.00 (IA, NE) last week

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CCA advocacy and youth efforts

Advocacy efforts

Our advocacy efforts have recently focused on our animal health and care priorities. New regulations came into force on January 1, 2023 designed to further improve safety and address driver fatigue. These regulations mandate Electronic Logging Device (ELD) use by federally regulated carriers. This mandate works hand in hand with Hours of Service rules. An ELD automatically records a driver’s driving time and duty status. No provisions have been made for the unique circumstances that may arise when transporting livestock. 

Drivers hauling livestock cannot always pull over and go “off-duty” because of their live cargo. Facilities, weather, and animal care concerns must all be considered. Drivers currently account for this in their logistical plan for off-duty time, but challenges arise when unforeseen circumstances or emergencies cause drivers to max-out their on-duty time in locations where unloading the cattle for feed, water, and rest is not feasible. This could occur because of temperamental animals slowing loading, veterinary inspections slowing border crossings, or weather and road conditions slowing transport speeds.  

The CCA position is that both human and animal welfare must be considered in transport regulations. CCA is advocating along with numerous other national commodity and veterinary organizations. Our first goal is to secure recognition that animal welfare constitutes an emergency under Subsections 76(1) and (2) and thus would permit drivers to extend the driving time allowed to reach their destination. 

The long-term proposed solution is harmonization with United States’ regulations, which provide an exemption from livestock drivers’ on-duty time within a 150-air mile radius from the origin and destination of their trip. This exemption provides the flexibility needed to deliver live animals without compromising animal welfare and has not compromised driver or public safety. 

Youth on the international stage

Our youth kicked off the year strong with an international visit to Denver, Colorado to attend the National Western Stock Show and take in various industry tours on January 11 – 14, 2023.

The goal of this experience was for our next generation of leaders to better understand how cooperation and collaboration between the U.S. and Canada supports and maintains our integrated supply chain, and to learn about common issues of importance to Canadian and American beef producers.

The group was made up of four representatives from Canadian Cattle Young Leaders (CYL) and two representatives from the Canadian Cattle Youth Council.

Tours included visiting the JBS Greeley facility to learn about meat processing, Five Rivers Cattle Feeding Kuner Lot, Leachman Cattle of Colorado, and Colorado State University. Our young leaders also built connections with various U.S. industry stakeholders through meetings and networking events with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, the Consulate General of Canada in Denver, the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and Colorado Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers.

A special thanks goes out to the Consulate General of Canada in Denver for their efforts in coordinating an interesting program for our young leaders and providing funding to support their travels.

This article was first published in Volume 3 Issue 1 of ABP Magazine (February 2023). Watch for more digital content from the magazine on ABP Daily.

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Live: ---
Rail: 387.00-388.50 FOB lot last week


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Live: 183.00-184.00 (TX, KN), 184.00 (NE) last week
Rail: 290.00-291.00 (IA, NE) last week

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Live: 183.00-184.00 (TX, KN) 184.00 (NE) last week
Rail: 290.00-291.00 (IA, NE) last week

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