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August 9, 2022 Checking in with ABP

The Bovine: Living Labs, a DIY plastic compactor, and positivity in market trends

We’re back for the August episode of our podcast, The Bovine.

On this episode, you’ll hear about the recently announced expansion of the Living Laboratories Initiative, the skills needed to DIY a plastics compactor, our #howdoyouburger summer contest, and why one analyst says there are positive movements coming for beef markets.

Living Laboratories Initiative

Karin Schmid of Alberta Beef Producers and Sheri Strydhorst of Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions showcase the collaborative nature of Living Labs, while sharing:

  • what the program is all about,
  • how it might benefit agroecology (while considering finances) in the province,
  • where it’s at now and the next steps, and
  • what success looks like at the end of five years.

DIY Ag Plastics Baler/Compactor

After hearing an earlier episode featuring discussions on agricultural plastics in the province, new delegate Colin Rice reached out to us to learn more about the plastics baler/compactor (you’ll hear those words used interchangeably in this episode).

And that’s how he landed a spot as a guest host for this segment of the show!

Listen as he brings his questions to Jonathan Beekman of Full Circle Plastics, and learn more about the ag plastics compactor (video below), the skills it takes to build one yourself (you’ll need this pdf), and pricing details if you’d rather not.

How Do You Burger

We’ve launched our Ultimate Summer Contest, and want to know how you burger.

Head to howdoyouburger.ca for your chance to win a prize pack of approximately $1000 value!

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Positivity in Global Market Trends

From tightening supply to shifting margins, Brett Stuart of Global AgriTrends says there’s movement towards higher prices.

Hear Stuart, along with host Debra Murphy discuss the global markets, including topics like Australia destocking (and restocking), U.S. herd size, disease challenges in Indonesia, recession potential, and continued consumer support for beef.

“We see gas prices go up, we see heavy inflation, housing costs, and retail beef prices are about $7.30/lb. It’s just incredible to me how much consumers love beef.”

You’ll also hear the voice of Jacob Bueckert, Chair, Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association (ACFA) on another successful year for Alberta Beef Industry Conference.

The 2023 Conference will be held at Fairmont Banff Springs, February 22-24.

Get in Touch

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Pictured in the feature image: Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Reg Schellenberg, President, Canadian Cattle Association.

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About the Author

Debra Murphy
Debra grew up on a mixed farm, and has a B.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Alberta. She currently ranches alongside her family in Central Alberta, where she also fulfills her role as Editorial Content Specialist with Alberta Beef Producers.

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