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January 2, 2023 Checking in with ABP

Welcoming our new and returning 2023 delegates

The results are in!

All producers who put their names forward for a position on the delegate body for 2023 have been acclaimed, and we will not be holding an election.

Cheers to Outgoing Delegates

First, to acknowledge outgoing delegates and directors for 2023. On behalf of Alberta Beef Producers, thank you for your contributions to the Alberta beef industry, and specifically, for the time you dedicated to ABP.

Rod Carlyon

Cathy Sharp

Austin Dow

Gary These

Erin Moskalyk

Melissa Van Sickle

And now for those who put their names forward for another term, and those joining the team in 2023!

Central Zone Candidates

Brenda Rosadiuk and her husband Anthony live on a family farm just north of Evansburg, where they operate a cow/calf operation with their two adult sons. Brenda comes from a strong farm background, and believes “the younger generation of their farm bring a positive perspective of progressive farming, which creates a positive outlook for the cattle industry.”

Brenda brings governance and community engagement skills as well as financial knowledge from her work in public service.

Brenda “looks forward to representing the zone as a strong member representing the needs and ideas of producers” in her area.

Central Zone can appoint up to three delegates to fill two-year term vacancies.

Northeast Zone Candidates


Emil Dmytriw is a fourth generation cow-calf and grain farmer near Innisfree, Alberta.

“As a producer, I feel like I deal with the same issues and concerns as most other producers. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard and be your voice for the beef industry, to keep it strong, feasible, and sustainable for years to come. I thank you for your support.”

George L’Heureux operates a cow calf ranch near Lac La Biche. 

“As I reach retirement, I am downsizing to a 60 head cow-calf operation. I will be able to dedicate more time to ABP to assist the industry in going forward. I am also involved in municipal politics as a county councillor, chair of the local ASB Board, chair of the Athabasca Heifer Co-op, and vice-chair of the Lac La Biche Ag Society. I look forward to serving as a delegate of ABP.” 

Josie Pashulka lives in the County of Two Hills near Derwent. She farms with her husband and three sons. They have 400 beef cows with Purebred Angus Simmental and Maine-Anjou. They also farm 2000 acres of grain, silage, hay, and grazing corn.

Their farm practices rotational grazing, winter grazing, zero-till, and they use AI and embryo transfer in their program. Josie was a 14-year 4-H Beef Leader and active in her local ag society. She currently teaches AI at Lakeland College, is a Green Certificate tester, and a VBP+ Auditor. 

Miles Wowk, along with his family, runs a commercial cow-calf operation. Miles grew up in the beef industry, participated in 4-H for 10 years, and has served as an Alberta representative to the Canadian Cattle Association for six years, where he currently chairs the Animal Health and Care Committee.

“I am constantly striving to develop a sustainable future for the next generation of ranchers. 

“I believe that a strong voice will move our industry forward in this province and I look forward to your support.”

Southwest Zone Candidates


Fred Lozeman operates a mixed farm along with some family members and dedicated employees producing cattle, grains, oilseeds, and forage on landscapes that vary from native range to irrigated cropland.

Fred has served as an ABP delegate for six years, including six years as a Director, about five years on each the ABP Research Committee and the ABP Governance Committee, and about four years as an ABP representative for BCRC (including two years as the BCRC Finance Chair).

“My experience with ABP and BCRC has been rewarding, and has convinced me that the work accomplished through our combined provincial service charge and national levy helps to ensure a healthy, vibrant beef industry.”

Graeme Finn and his wife Heather run a cow-calf and grass finishing operation near Madden. They run a year-round grazing program based on regenerative agriculture. He is president of Union Forage. 

“I currently sit on the ABP Research Committee, BCRC, CRSB Research/Science Committee, and a past director for ACIDF and FFGA. I would like to stay involved with the ABP Research Committee to help bring relevant and practical research to the farm gate.’” 

Jim Bowhay along with his wife, Nola, and family, owns and operates a mixed farm operation in Sundre, Alberta. The mixed operation includes cow-calf, horses, butcher turkeys, and laying hens. Jim often refers to it as a ‘mixed-up operation.’

Jim has been very involved in both Cattle Industry and Government while being on the Provincial Board of the Alberta Feeder Association for 12 years, and on the LIS board for six years. He has also worked in the field as a Brand Inspector for several years.

Jim has a real passion for our youth in the industry, which is demonstrated by 50+ years of 4-H involvement. Jim has been involved in many boards over the years but feels a need to help this generation and the next be both sustainable and profitable.

Lee Irvine and his family run a grass/backgrounding operation in the Cochrane area. Lee’s career has allowed him the opportunity to market cattle through TEAM and Calgary Stockyards, to sit in boardrooms of multi-national pharmaceutical companies, and to run the Auction Market and Feedlot software for ViewTrak Technologies. I

Lee has also been an auditor for the Verified Beef Plus Program and an ABP delegate and board member for the past two years. 

“My interest in being a delegate for the Alberta Beef Producers is to continue to leverage my background to ensure the cattle industry has an effective voice and moves forward in a sustainable way.”

Southeast Zone Candidates


Brodie Haugan was born and raised on his family’s ranch, located south of Medicine Hat by the town of Orion, AB. Brodie received a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness, with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan (2013). Brodie spent a year working for the Farm Management Consulting (FMC) team at MNP in Lethbridge, AB and in the summer of 2014 returned home full-time as a partner in the family operation, Haugan Land & Cattle Co. Ltd. 

Along with his parents (Byron & Sheila) and fiancée (Melissa Lemmer) Brodie operates a commercial cow-calf herd, works with several feedlots backgrounding and finishing cattle, and grows both feed and cash crops to diversify their operation.  

Brodie is a graduate of the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) program (2012), a past board member of the Young Cattlemen’s Council (YCC) and for the last eight years has been a South East Zone delegate for the Alberta Beef Producers. He was elected to the Board of Directors in an at-large position for the past four years sitting as the finance chair for the past two as part of the executive team. If successful Brodie plans to let his name stand once again for the board and executive team.  

“I look forward to continuing the good work ABP has delivered in past years and will ensure beef producers continue to have a strong voice and reliable representation.”

Craig Lehr was born and raised near Medicine Hat. Craig attended Olds College for three years and was able to gain “valuable experience working off the farm and doing some traveling.” He now resides back home, on the fourth-generation Short Grass Ranches. Short Grass Ranches is operated by five partners, and consists of a cow-calf operation, backgrounding feedlot, and irrigated and dryland farming.  

Kent Holowath operates a mixed farm, including grain, cow-calf, and backgrounding enterprises with his wife, Jill, and son, Garrett.

“I have been a long-time volunteer in my community and I currently act as a director with the Big Valley Feeder Association. Being a delegate has been rewarding and I would like the opportunity to continue working for our Alberta beef producers.”

Southeast Zone can appoint one delegate to fill a two-year term vacancy.

What does that mean?

Interested and eligible beef producers are encouraged to put their names forward to their Zone to fill vacancies open to appointment. The Zone then brings the details of those producers to the Board for approval.

These are great opportunities for those who may have hesitated when faced with the word ‘election!’

Northwest Zone Candidates

Northwest Zone will bring Gary These’s name forward following the AGM. Following his appointment, the Zone can appoint an additional five delegates, including three two-year term vacancies, and two one-year term vacancies.

This article was first published in Volume 2 Issue 5 of ABP Magazine (December 2022). Watch for more digital content from the magazine on ABP Daily.

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