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April 29, 2021 Issues & Insights

Alberta Government seeking feedback on EPR legislation

Update: Alberta Environment and Parks has extended the deadline from April 30 to May 17, 2021.

Albertans interested in providing feedback on an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system for plastics and packaging in the province have until May 17 to take the government survey.

An EPR system shifts the responsibility for recycling costs from municipalities to industry, making producers responsible for the products and packages they offer. The goal with such a model is to support innovation in recyclable products, and divert products from landfills.

The Alberta Government is engaging on three proposed policy changes:

  1. Create an overarching EPR regulatory framework.
  2. Develop an EPR approach for packaging, paper products, and single-use plastics, and work with
    industry to identify other plastics to include in the program.
  3. Develop an EPR approach for Hazardous and Special Products to replace the current Household
    Hazardous Waste program.

After engaging the public, the government will look to “support industry investment decisions, and provide a level playing field” with an outcomes-based framework for EPR.

According to the Alberta Government, a shift to EPR will increase the recycling industry’s gross domestic product from $130 million to more than $148 million, and cut emissions by an estimated 72,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

Take the public survey | Submit your feedback

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Live: 182.25
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Live: 182.25
Rail: ---

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