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Live: 174.00-175.00 (last week)
Rail: 273.00-275.00 (NE, IA) (last week)

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October 20, 2023

Alberta Beef Producers calls for equitable Business Risk Management programming

Calgary, AB – Alberta Beef Producers is thankful for the financial commitments to the 2023 Canada-Alberta Drought Livestock Assistance program from both the federal and provincial governments. 
“We look forward to working with the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta to solidify the details and ensure drought-affected producers get the support they need,” said Brodie Haugan, Chair, Alberta Beef Producers.
AgriRecovery was developed as a once-in-fifteen-year disaster relief program to help agricultural producers recover from natural disasters. Today’s announcement is the second in three years. And for both of those years, it was developed for livestock producers. 
“This repeated discussion, and the obvious inequity across agriculture is proof of what Alberta Beef Producers has long advocated for – access to timely, relevant, and consistent disaster insurance programs,” said Sheila Hillmer, Vice Chair, ABP.
Alberta Beef Producers is calling Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Government of Alberta, and Agriculture Financial Services Corporation to align with the beef industry on the immediacy of the need for accessible and equitable programming, and collaborate to ensure it is available to livestock producers in 2024.

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Updated: 04/12/2023


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Live: 174.00-175.00 (last week)
Rail: 273.00-275.00 (NE, IA) (last week)

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Live: 174.00-175.00 (last week)
Rail: 273.00-275.00 (NE, IA) (last week)

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