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July 9, 2021

Beef producers urging government action on drought relief

Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) is imploring farmers and ranchers who are experiencing significant impacts due to extremely dry or drought conditions, to contact their municipality and urge them to declare a municipal agricultural disaster. Concerns over limited feed resources and access to quality water, have some beef producers struggling to maintain their herd sizes.

“[ABP is] aggressively pursuing solutions in an attempt to maintain our cow herd through this drought situation by working daily with governments and other affected agricultural commodity groups, both on a provincial and a national level,” says Melanie Wowk, Chair, ABP. “We are a resilient industry, but we have reached a critical level where we need to ask for help.”

Alongside local and provincial authorities, ABP is encouraging the province to submit an immediate request for assessment under the AgriRecovery Framework, which exists to help in disaster relief situations such as extreme drought. When initiated, AgriRecovery provides financial assistance for extraordinary costs (those not incurred under normal circumstances, or covered through AgriStability).

“We are working closely with Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, and the western provinces to support producers as quickly as possible, but we need producers to do their part and contact municipalities to increase awareness,” says Brad Dubeau, General Manager, ABP.

How you (producers) can help

Phone your municipal office – If you don’t already have a contact for someone in your region, go to the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Officials Search, select your local authority in the drop-down menu, and hit ‘search.’ This will provide you with the name, title, and contact information for your local representatives.

Farmers with production insurance under Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC), who are considering putting acres to alternative use, should first contact their local field office and ask for a Pre-Harvest Inspection. AFSC adjustors are currently prioritizing acres that are going to be fed immediately. 

Check in with ABP Daily as more information is available: www.abpdaily.com/tag/drought

For more information, contact:
Katelyn Laverdure
Lead, Stakeholder Communications
Alberta Beef Producers

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