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US Trade- Steers

Live: 135.00-138.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 225.00-228.00 (NE, IA)

US Trade - Heifers

Live: 135.00-136.00 (TX,KN)
Rail: 225.00-228.00 (NE, IA)

Canadian Dollar

June 11, 2022 Trailblazers

What We’re Reading | Fewer farmers in Alberta in 2021, but number of women increasing: StatsCan

By Nicholas Frew for CBC News

Valerie Ehrenholz is busy on the family farm.

Her to-do list varies by season, but last Thursday it included caring for the cattle, setting up an electric fence and tending to a barbed-wire fence, and helping her father, who seeded a field to grow grain.

If time allowed, she’d tend to her garden, which features potatoes, lettuce, carrots, peas, tomatoes and eggplants. There are saskatoon berry trees and blueberry and raspberry bushes too, but they were planted last year, so she doesn’t harvest much from them yet.

“It’s pretty fun,” said Ehrenholz, a third-generation farmer running Ehrenholz Farms in Barrhead, Alta. “It’s what I’ve known all of my life. It’s not something that I have to learn all at once.

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Choice Steers

Live: 135.00-138.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 225.00-228.00 (NE, IA)

Choice Heifers

Live: 135.00-136.00 (TX,KN)
Rail: 225.00-228.00 (NE, IA)

Boner Cows

Over 500 lbs: US$ 166.08

Canadian Dollar

$77.30   0.51

Livestock Price Insurance Index

Expiry Fed Feeder Calf
31-Oct 174 226 -
28-Nov 172 222 -
23-Jan 184 224 -
20-Feb 184 226 -
20-Mar 184 228 -
17-Apr 192 228 -
Last Updated on August 4, 2022