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June 24, 2021 Business Tools

Canadian Agricultural Partnership open to applications

Have a brilliant idea for an innovation, program or improvement, but need help getting it off the ground? Alberta’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) is accepting applications to six programs, including two for primary producers, two for processors, and several for specific groups or organizations.

  1. Agriculture and Food Sustainability Assurance Initiatives – This program will provide support to develop and enhance sustainability certification or assurance initiatives, and assist in their promotion to farmers and food processors.
  2. Youth Agriculture Education – This program supports science-based, topic-driven, and curricular-linked ag education programs.
  3. Value-Added – This program will support value-added food and bio-industrial processors and projects.
  4. On-Farm Value-Added – This program supports Alberta producers in adding value to agriculture products past harvest or slaughter.
  5. Emerging Opportunities – This program is aiming to support diversification and growth in the agriculture, agri-processing, and agri-based products sector.
  6. Farm Technology – This program will support producers in enhancing farm security or adopting innovative technology to minimize waste and optimize efficiency.

Each program varies in eligibility and funding.

For more information on the CAP programs, including FAQs, and application forms, head to Alberta’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership website, or contact the Alberta Ag-Info Centre (310-FARM).

Alberta government streamlines CAP grant process

CAP is a 5-year, $3 billion federal-provincial-territorial investment in the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector. It began in 2018, and consultations are underway now to help shape the direction of the next agreement.

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28-Nov 172 222 -
23-Jan 184 224 -
20-Feb 184 226 -
20-Mar 184 228 -
17-Apr 192 228 -
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