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October 19, 2021 Business Tools

NRCB updates requirements for confined feeding operations

The National Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) has released its updated Compliance and Enforcement Policy for confined feeding operations in Alberta.

The policy outlines the compliance process, emphasizes education and prevention, and provides direction on appropriate enforcement actions. It is founded on three pillars: collaborative problem solving, risk-based compliance, and fair complaint response.

For more information, look over the updated policy, and head to the NRCB’s website.

Updated Compliance and Enforcement Policy

Know your AOPA permit conditions

From the NRCB

What’s in your permit? The terms and conditions are a key part of any permit under the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA) and it’s important that owners and operators of confined feeding operations (CFOs) are familiar with them.

Terms and conditions can include such requirements as the maximum number of permitted animals, construction specifications, and manure spreading requirements, to name a few. For some grandfathered CFOs, municipal permits may also contain conditions. For permits issued by the NRCB, your permit conditions can be found in your permit, with explanations in the decision summary document. Both permit and decision summary are included in the binder you received when the NRCB issued the decision on your permit application.

It is your responsibility as the owner of a CFO to adhere to conditions detailed in your permit. Failure to do so can result in enforcement action by the NRCB. For more information, or to confirm the conditions of your AOPA permit, please contact an NRCB approval officer or inspector at your regional NRCB field office.

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