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Live: 167.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 265.00-275.00 (IA, NE)

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October 24, 2022

Cheers to new adventures

After a valued 17 years, Alberta Beef Producers is bidding farewell to our friend, colleague and mentor, Katelyn Laverdure. 

Over the years, ABP has seen incredible changes, including record-setting droughts and shifts in staffing. Through those changes, Katelyn has been an invaluable resource, offering knowledge and mentorship on everything from the history of ABP to its strategic direction to how best to approach media engagement. 

Throughout the pandemic, Katelyn played a key role in bringing the ABP team together. With new team members rarely having the chance to collaborate in person, Katelyn actively looked for ways to help us connect – by initiating virtual team-building activities, checking in on colleagues, or reaching out to see if she could help with heavy workloads.  

Katelyn’s sincere curiosity doesn’t just build relationships – it’s an asset for organizational communications. She asks the right questions, quickly understands an issue, and skillfully distills that information into whatever it needs to be – speaking points, print articles, presentations, speeches, or press releases. 

Most of Katelyn’s work is done behind-the-scenes, and rarely with her name attached. But, if you’ve listened to an ABP representative speak on the radio, read about them in print, celebrated the Environmental Stewardship Award, looked through our Annual Report, or perused albertabeef.org, you’ve seen work led and informed by Katelyn.

Katelyn – we’re sad to see you go, but we’re also tremendously excited to watch you take the next steps. Wishing you all the best in your new role at SAIT, and on this next adventure. 

This article was first published in Volume 2 Issue 4 of ABP Magazine (October 2022). Watch for more digital content from the magazine on ABP Daily.

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Live: ---
Rail: 360.00-362.00 del


Live: ---
Rail: 360.00-362.00 del

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Live: 167.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 265.00-275.00 (IA, NE)

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Live: 167.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 265.00-275.00 (IA, NE)

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