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Live: 174.00-175.00 (last week)
Rail: 273.00-275.00 (NE, IA) (last week)

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October 14, 2022

Congratulations to ABP’s 2022 Young Guns recipients

The 2022 Young Guns contest asked youth (ages 8-21) how they burger. Not only did the theme align with this year’s summer campaign, it gave applicants a broad topic to showcase their creativity.

And showcase it they did!

We received a diverse range of submissions, from short essays to recorded speeches to produced video content.

Judges learned how some enjoy their burgers (special mention to a new style — “the upside-downer way”), and how many enjoy it not just for its flavour, but also for its journey.

Our young guns know the special role of ruminants on the prairie landscape. They can explain simply the many aspects of the supply chain. And most of all, they demonstrate a contagious enthusiasm for rural life and Alberta Beef.

Congratulations to our first, second and third place winners:

  • Max Burris for showcasing his skills and interest in video production,
  • Alexander Hastings and Tyson Ully for connecting through creativity and humour, and
  • Warren Westerlund, for eloquently sharing the story from grass to plate.

And a big thank you to all of our applicants! We hope to see you back again for the 2023 contest!

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Live: 174.00-175.00 (last week)
Rail: 273.00-275.00 (NE, IA) (last week)

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Live: 174.00-175.00 (last week)
Rail: 273.00-275.00 (NE, IA) (last week)

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