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US Trade- Steers

Live: 138.00-140.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 229.00-232.00 (IA, NE)

US Trade - Heifers

Live: 138.00-140.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 229.00-232.00 (IA, NE)

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November 12, 2021 Checking in with ABP

Living Labs application needs producer input

Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) is working closely with Alberta Barley, Alberta Wheat Commission, and several other industry organizations to identify and test innovative management practices or technologies on-farm. We have identified significant opportunities for the beef, forage and cropping sectors to work together to improve management practices and take advantage of new technologies that are economical and practical, while achieving environmental co-benefits.

It’s all part of an application to the Living Laboratories Initiative (Living Labs), funded under the Agriculture Climate Solutions (ACS) program, with a focus on improving carbon sequestration and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Living Labs model brings producers, scientists, and other stakeholders together to co-develop new practices or technologies that address producers’ needs, while creating broad and diverse partnerships and testing these practices and technologies under real agricultural production conditions.

ABP and the crop sector were successful in securing funding under Phase 1 of the ACS program. Now the groups are working on the Phase 2 application. And that’s where you come in.

The groups need your thoughts. What can you do to increase productivity and profitability on your operation, while also improving soil quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

Online | November 19, 2021 | 10:00 a.m. MST


Questions about the meeting? Contact Rich Smith or Scott Meers for more information.

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Choice Steers

Live: 138.00-140.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 229.00-232.00 (IA, NE)

Choice Heifers

Live: 138.00-140.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 229.00-232.00 (IA, NE)

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Over 500 lbs: US$ 170.11

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$78.15   0.20

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30-Jan 184 226 -
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