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February 28, 2023

Out and about with Alberta Beef Producers

The fall auction mart tour continued into December. I attended a variety of sales from bred females, regular pre-sorts, and even a few dispersals. It was a pleasure to reconnect with a few producers after the two-year hiatus. Such visits provided insightful perspective from a producer’s lens on some of the issues that our industry is currently facing.

Some of the locations we visited were:

Bred Stock Sales

Medicine Hat Feeding Co.
Medicine Hat, AB                                                                   
November 24, 2022                                                                           

Foothills Auctioneers
Stavely, AB                                                                 
November 24, 2022                                                                                       

Picture Butte Auction
Picture Butte, AB                                                       
December 3, 2022     

Perlich Bros. Auction Market
Lethbridge, AB                                                           
December 3, 2022     

Calgary Stockyards  
Strathmore, AB                                                                     
December 7, 2022                                                                                           

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction.  
Ponoka, AB                                                     
December 9, 2022     

Thorsby Stockyards
Thorsby, AB                                                                
December 10, 2022

Olds Auction Mart
Olds, AB
December 1, 2022                                                                                         

Gordon Turner Farms & Guests Bred Heifer Sale

Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange
Fort Macleod, AB                               
November 30, 2022                           

The British Connection Bull Sale                                                                  

Balog Auctions
Lethbridge, AB                                                                       
December 3, 2022                                                                   

Olson Dispersal                                                                                             

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction
Rimbey, AB                                                     
December 9, 2022                                                

66 Ranch 9th Annual Fall Bull Sale                                                                            

Bow Slope Shipping Association.
Brooks, AB                                                     
December 14, 2022                                                                             

Daines Ranch Angus Dispersal Sale

Innisfail Auction Mart.
Innisfail, AB                                                                
December 16, 2022                                                                 

Regular Pre-sort Sale

Stettler Auctions
Stettler, AB                                                                             
December 20, 2022                                                                             

I hope to see some familiar faces at upcoming events. Until then, I wish all the best to those who are calving this season.

This article was first published in Volume 3 Issue 1 of ABP Magazine (February 2023). Watch for more digital content from the magazine on ABP Daily.

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About the Author

Taylor Kalbfleisch
Taylor is Alberta Beef Producers' Marketing and Communications Assistant. She comes from a mixed grain and cattle operation by Lamont, AB, where she continues to raise purebred Angus and commercial cattle with her parents in her spare time. Taylor studied Animal Science Technology and Agribusiness at Lakeland College. With a strong background in livestock marketing and agricultural event planning, she is actively involved within the agricultural community and will be a familiar face from ABP at upcoming events.

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