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Rail: 428.00 del

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Rail: 428.00 del

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US Trade - Heifers

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Rail: 312.00-315.00 (NE, IA)

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February 6, 2024

The Bovine: Starting fresh, but not over

After a brief pause, The Bovine is back!

We’re switching gears a bit with a new voice as host, while continuing to cover the dynamic content covering all facets of your operation into the podcast.

Let’s call it Season 2, Episode 1. We’re starting fresh, but not over.

We can’t give away too much of what we’re talking about … it is a podcast, after all.

Tune in below, or, download to listen later on your favourite podcast platform!

Just in case there’s something specific you’re looking for, we’ve included our guest list and time codes for your convenience.

  • 00:07:30 – The first couple of months at ABP for 2024
  • 00:09:47 – Bjorn Lomberg, Danish economist and author
  • 00:37:20 – Sandy Russell, CEO of the Canadian Beef Breeds Council
  • 00:56:08 – Jennifer Brunette, events manager, Alberta Beef Industry Conference

About the Author

This post was a team effort by Alberta Beef Producers' directors, delegates, and/or staff. ABP works to keep Alberta's beef and cattle producers informed and engaged. Take a look around ABP Daily for regular, real-time information ranging from market reports to the latest updates from our efforts and initiatives here at ABP. Or head to, our steadfast resource hub, for everything from check-off downloads to educational resources.


Cattle Report

Updated: 12/07/2024


Live: ---
Rail: 428.00 del


Live: ---
Rail: 428.00 del

Choice Steers

Live: ---
Rail: 312.00-315.00 (NE, IA)

Choice Heifers

Live: ---
Rail: 312.00-315.00 (NE, IA)

Boner Cows

Over 500 lbs: 276.34

Canadian Dollar

$73.50   0.02

Livestock Price Insurance Index

Expiry Fed Feeder Calf
7-Oct-24 232 332 --
4-Nov-24 230 330 --
2-Dec-24 226 324 --
27-Jan-25 232 322 --
24-Feb-25 230 324 --
24-May-24 232 324 --
- - - -
Last Updated on July 12, 2024

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