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December 1, 2021

Unionized employees prepare to vote on Cargill’s Nov 30 offer

Unionized employees at Cargill will begin voting on an updated offer proposed by Cargill on Thursday.

The union representing those employees, UCFW, Local 401 says that while they won’t release the exhaustive outline of the offer, in their words it includes:

  • As much as $4,200 in retroactive pay for many Cargill union members,
  • A $1,000 signing bonus,
  • A $1,000 COVID-19 bonus,
  • A more than a $6,000 total bonus for many members 3 weeks before Christmas,
  • A $5.00 wage increase (21% over the contract) for many employees that is well above industry standards,
  • Improved health benefits (psychology, massage therapy, etc.) for Cargill workers and their families, and
  • Significant contract provisions to facilitate a new culture of health, safety, dignity, and respect in the workplace.

If accepted, UCFW says it will be “the best food processing contract in Canada.”

Cargill’s previous offer was voted down by a 98 percent margin.

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association says it’s “pleased to see that the union representing workers at the Cargill Alberta meat-packing plant is recommending its members accept a new offer from Cargill Inc.”

The vote will take place Thursday through Saturday. If the offer is accepted, the proposed agreement will avoid a strike or a lockout.

Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) remains optimistic that a mutually beneficial agreement will be reached between the two parties before December 6.

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