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Updated NRCB Approvals Policy for confined feeding operations

The Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) has released an updated Approvals Policy for confined feeding operations in Alberta. The 2018 policy was updated to improve transparency and clarity regarding Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA) requirements and their interpretation, reflect current practices, and incorporate feedback that was received. The updated Operational Policy 2016-7: Approvals incorporates:

  • input from the Policy Advisory Group representing Alberta’s four major livestock sectors (beef, dairy, pork, and poultry), the Intensive Livestock Working Group (ILWG), municipalities, and the non-government environmental sector
  • feedback from stakeholders, including AOPA permit applicants
  • feedback from NRCB approval officers
  • guidance provided in decisions by the Board of the NRCB
  • updates to reflect current practices.

The policy is available on the NRCB website at www.nrcb.ca.

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Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB)

The NRCB is responsible for reviews of proposed major natural resource projects under the Natural Resources Conservation Board Act (NRCBA), and for the regulation of confined feeding operations (CFOs) in Alberta under the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA).

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Live: 170.00-171.00 (TX, KN)
Rail: 267.00-272.00 (NE, IA)

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Live: 170.00-171.00 (TX, KN)
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