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August 2, 2022

What We’re Reading | Optimism has returned with the rains for the cattle sector

Producers still dealing with drought fallout, but looking ahead to better days

By Alexis Kienlen, Alberta Farmer Express

Cattle producers are feeling cautiously hopeful, thanks to June and July rains.

“It’s a sigh of huge relief, as least what I experienced in this area — it’s just a burden of worry lifted,” said Fred Lozeman, who farms with his cousin, runs two herds and operates a 2,000-head feedlot west of Claresholm.

“There were going to be some pretty big decisions that almost every producer would be making if we hadn’t gotten this great, great rain in our area.

“If it hasn’t changed 180 degrees, I’m sure it’s changed 170 or 160. There are still some little issues of water availability in the ponds, dugouts and springs, but at least the grass is growing.”


‘What We’re Reading’ is a quick look at some of the issues and insights Alberta Beef Producers’ content creators and editors are reading to stay up-to-date, to broaden perspectives, and to explore issues relevant to the agriculture industry.

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