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August 12, 2021 Business Tools

Alberta expands grazing options in face of widespread drought

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is supporting drought-afflicted producers through temporary programs that expand grazing options, streamline water provisions, and access to information on drought management. 

ABP welcomes government aid to combat drought

Alberta government shares ‘farming in dry conditions’ resource

“Farmers and ranchers are facing a prolonged dry, hot growing season, which has impacted access to water and feed for livestock producers,” said Minister of Environment and Parks Jason Nixon. “Alberta’s government is committed to providing essential supports for farmers and ranchers across the province that have been affected by severe drought conditions.”

AEP Support in Drought Conditions in Alberta

For the remainder of 2021, Alberta Environment and Parks is offering a few, temporary changes:

  • Grazing disposition holders (including leases, licences, and permits) with additional grazing capacity can apply to accept livestock from other producers who are in need of grazing opportunities due to drought.
  • Producers can apply for hay authorization or temporary grazing (under head tax permit) on vacant Crown land.
  • Permitting grazers in the forest reserve can extend grazing time, where forage supplies allow.

In addition, livestock and poultry producers in drought areas can contact AEP for the quick provision of water for their animals. This program will continue until October 31, 2021.

Range Management During a Drought

If you’re affected by severe drought conditions, and interested in learning more about grazing, hay or water options, could use advice on how to best manage in a drought, or want information on how to work with groups such as Ducks Unlimited and the Nature Conservancy of Canada, call 310-FARM (3276) to be connected with your local agrologist.

AEP Land Forms

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Updated: 08/12/2023


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