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Rail: 349.00-355.50 FOB lot (last week)

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Live: 163.00 (TX, KN) last week
Rail: 264.00-265.00 (IA, NE) last week

US Trade - Heifers

Live: 163.00 (TX, KN) last week
Rail: 264.00-265.00 (IA, NE) last week

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December 31, 2021 Checking in with ABP

How ABP helped inform the news in 2021

Throughout 2021, we’ve been actively engaged in communications efforts, even outside of our own platforms. This year, we were invited to discussions with mainstream media, as well as agricultural media outlets, on a number of issues.

Our Platforms:

ABP App | ABP Daily | ABP Magazine | All for the Beef | Alberta Beef Producers

Here are a few of the main topics, and the different ways we collaborated to share our stories and perspectives, through radio, writing, and in-person interviews.

Drought and AgriRecovery

As soon as it was clear that dry conditions were having a negative impact on cattle producers, we dedicated ourselves to keeping producers informed at ABP Daily, working with stakeholders to move forward on support systems, and sharing the story through the media.



Cattle Country

Twice a month, Alberta Beef Producers joins Jim Fisher for a 1.5 minute update on the happenings in the beef cattle industry, and at ABP. This year we covered topics such as drought, upcoming meetings, business risk management, the launch of our new communication tools, and more. These updates air on 15 radio stations across Alberta.

Cargill Strike

This winter, Cargill High River was served with a strike notice. We encouraged a timely resolution to negotiations, and were also available to media requests.

Environmental Sustainability Award

Each year, ABP recognizes leaders in the cattle industry for demonstrating sound environmental stewardship practices that contribute to the land while improving productivity and profitability. This year, we were pleased to present Scott and Elan Lees of Soderglen South with the 2021 Environmental Stewardship Award. And good news travels.

Price Discrepancies

ABP continues to look for solutions to supply chain discrepancies, including competitiveness research and a thorough supply chain review. We have been available to the media on this as well:

Other Opportunities

And of course, we also make time for other opportunities.

In February, then Chair Kelly Smith-Fraser had the opportunity to share a glimpse into her family’s cattle operation with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Agriculture Marie-Claude Bibeau for Canada’s Ag Day.

In June, ABP Chair, Melanie Wowk joined Ryan Sanderson, host of The Eat More Barbecue Podcast. The duo had the chance to discuss: Wowk’s background, the role of Alberta Beef Producers, and, of course, barbecuing. Stream this episode below, or find it on Soundcloud, or through Apple Podcasts.

If you hear Alberta Beef Producers in the news, let us know via email, or one of our social media channels:

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Live: ---
Rail: 349.00-355.50 FOB lot (last week)


Live: ---
Rail: ---

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Live: 163.00 (TX, KN) last week
Rail: 264.00-265.00 (IA, NE) last week

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Live: 163.00 (TX, KN) last week
Rail: 264.00-265.00 (IA, NE) last week

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Over 500 lbs: US$ 187.84

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