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July 15, 2021 Checking in with ABP

In the News | Spreading awareness of drought on the prairies

As part of our work in pushing forward on the first steps to triggering AgriRecovery Framework, Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) is working with industry stakeholders, government officials, and the media.

Saving the Herd: Beef producers urging government action on drought relief

This week, we’ve been invited to discussions with mainstream media, as well as agricultural media outlets.

Protecting the mother cow herd, on on 770 CHQR

Early Tuesday morning, Brad Dubeau, GM, ABP, joined 770 CHQR’s Mornings with Sue and Andy to provide some perspective on the drought, acknowledging the fact that some producers are looking at reducing their herd sizes. Dubeau also recognized there is potential in utilizing annual cops unfit to harvest, as animal feed.

“There are solutions, but the rancher out there is now having to consider: do they bring in more feed and get through the winter, or do they start to sell off the mother cow herd? And that’s extremely challenging,” said Dubeau. “These producers have put years and years into the genetics of those cow herds, and it’s a very difficult choice, and it’s hard to re-build.”

To listen to the interview check out Mornings with Sue and Andy, or head to Global’s On Demand, and select July 13, 6:09 AM.

Government awareness on drought, on 840 CFCW

This week, Melanie Wowk, producer, veterinarian, and Chair, ABP, joined Dean Thorpe, host of Alberta Ag Show. The duo started their conversation on what ABP is asking producers consider doing to help raise awareness of the drought, and why.

“In regards to increasing the government’s awareness of [the drought], then we hope that possibly they may trigger AgriRecovery, which is a program that is designed to help with the extra costs associated with drought in conjunction with money from the federal government,” said Wowk.

You can tune in to 840 CFCW weekdays from 12:00 to 1:00 PM to hear Alberta Ag Show with Deane Thorpe, and find past episodes on demand.

Additional media coverage

With more interviews booked for this week and next, we’ll keep you up-to-date with additional stories here.

If you hear Alberta Beef Producers in the news, let us know via email, or one of our social media channels:

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Live: ---
Rail: 304.00-305.00 del (bids/sales)


Live: ---
Rail: 304.00-305.00 del (bids/sales)

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