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January 1, 2023 Checking in with ABP

Recapping 2022 with our top ABP Daily articles

2022 was a busy year for the beef industry, and ABP Daily was there throughout to bring producers the information they needed. As our New Year’s Day gift to you, we’ve rounded up five of our most-read articles from 2022.

Rethinking the packing sector

Our readers have had many questions about retails prices of beef, the packing sector, and how it all shakes down for producers, so it’s no surprise that Ryan Copithorne’s article on this very issue was so popular. The article originally appeared in Volume 2, Issue 1 (January 2022) of ABP Magazine.

Wild pig distribution and eradication on the prairies

Despite warnings from experts, the spread of wild pigs across Canada continues to go largely unnoticed by the general public. In April, we published an update on efforts to eradicate this destructive, invasive species, including information on the Squeal on Pigs initiative by the Alberta Invasive Species Council. You can also hear the latest from Dr. Ryan Brook of the University of Saskatchewan on Episode Four of The Bovine.

2022 ESA honours Ribbon Creek Ranch

In May, ABP was proud to announce Ribbon Creek Ranch at Linden, AB as the 2022 Environmental Stewardship Award recipient. Jerry and Dawn Baerg and their children have a wonderful sustainability story, and the practices they use on their cow-calf operation are detailed in the above article, with video highlights and a link to a special episode of The Bovine.

Do you know someone who exemplifies environmental stewardship on their beef operation? The deadline for 2023 ESA nominations is 11:59 p.m., February 28, 2023. Find the nomination form here.

Here’s what’s up with ground beef labelling in Canada

The nutrition of ground beef was a hot topic this past spring and summer, as Health Canada proposed front-of-package labelling indicating it as a product high in saturated fat. ABP communicated the issue to producers in June while working to secure an exemption for ground beef. The exemption came into effect in July after considerable lobbying efforts on the provincial and federal level. The success of the “Don’t Label My Beef” campaign was summarized in Volume 2 Issue 4 (October 2022) of ABP Magazine: ABP aids in front-of-package labelling exemption win.

Cows and creativity: Expanding the Marshalls’ Running M brand

This feature article covered two things we appreciate—hearing about producers’ businesses and quality wild rags! Writer Dianne Finstad caught up with Meghan Marshall for Volume 2 Issue 1 (January 2022) of ABP Magazine to learn about her family’s ranch and her creative venture, Running M Brand.

Cattle Report

Updated: 12/07/2024


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Rail: 428.00 del


Live: ---
Rail: 428.00 del

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Rail: 312.00-315.00 (NE, IA)

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Rail: 312.00-315.00 (NE, IA)

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27-Jan-25 232 322 --
24-Feb-25 230 324 --
24-May-24 232 324 --
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