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March 21, 2022 Checking in with ABP

Update: Voice your concerns over the rail transportation work stoppage      

Editor’s Note: On March 22, CP Rail and TCRC agreed to enter into binding arbitration.

On March 9, Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) shared a draft letter and some speaking points to beef producers interested in contacting their Members of Parliament (MP) on the potential strike.

Unfortunately, Canadian Pacific Railway (CP Rail) and Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) were unable to reach an agreement, and a work stoppage has occurred.

Producers concerned over access to feed with potential rail work stoppage

Below you will find a link to an updated draft letter, and speaking points.

Please consider reaching out to your MP as soon as possible. This work stoppage could have severe animal welfare implications.

Find my MP

By Email

To streamline the process, we have created a new template for your consideration. Please fill in your relevant personal information, along with any additional comments. And be sure to include your physical address, as this shows you are indeed a constituent of the MP addressed.

Download Template Letter

By Phone

Due to the timely nature of this issue, you may choose to call your MP rather than send a letter. Here are some points to highlight during your conversation: 

  • Canadian beef industry suffered a devastating drought in 2021, causing widespread feed shortages.  
  • Many producers relied on rail transport for access to immediate feed and have yet to procure stock feed reserves. 
  • According to the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and National Cattle Feeders’ Association, with a work stoppage, feed supplies will run out in 1-2 weeks. 
  • This has the potential to cause serious animal welfare implications. 
  • It would take over 1,000 trucks per week to replace the volume of grain brought in by CP Rail to continue to feed the 1.1 million head of cattle in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  
  • Trucking capacity is not available, and there are no alternatives to rail.
  • Canada’s beef industry contributes more than $18 billion to the Canadian GDP and generates approximately 228,000 jobs. 
  • This is concerning for our industry and the welfare of our animals.  
  • Call to Action: The Government of Canada must immediately declare rail services essential and invoke ‘back to work’ legislation, driving both parties into binding arbitration.  

Find my MP

If you’re struggling with additional stress caused by this work stoppage, or for any other reason, there are resources to help.

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